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As a full-service construction management international experienced team, Rezidental Engineering d.o.o provides a complete menu of services from the earliest planning stages right through final project closeout.


Gallery of our projects:


Some of ours projects are:

Production / warehouse and office complex ' Pakom ' NiŠ

Owner: PAKOM D.O.O
Location: Ul.Vazduhoplovaca no. 1, 18 000 Niš
Description: 6800 m2 total buildings area + 8000 m2 total land area

Office / residental complex ' Pakom ' Novi Beograd

Owner: PAKOM D.O.O
Location: Blok 65,  11 000 Novi Beograd
Description: 11.865 m2 total buildings area

Residental complex “Magdon” in NiŠ

Owner: “Magdon”doo Niš
Location: Patrisa Lumumbe street, Niš
Description: 30.000 m2 total buildings area

Warehouse and office complex 'MILŠPED 2' KrnjeŠevci

Owner: Milšped Nekretnine D.O.O
Location: Industriska Zona bb, Krnješevci
Description: 17.000 m2 total buildings area + 20.000 m2 total land area

Nigerian Breweries LAGOS, Nigeria

Owner: Nigerian Breweries LAGOS, Nigeria
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Description: 4.500 m2 total buildings area

Residental complex in Zvezdara, Belgrade

Owner: A Gradnja Invest Novi Sad
Location: Dimitrije Tucovic, Ante Bogicevic street, Belgrade
Description: 17.000 m2 total building area

East Siberia - Pacific ocean oil pipe line with Subordinate buildings

Owner: OAO Transneft, Rusia
Location: Rusia
Description: 3 oil lifting stations, 1.500 km long pipe route

Office building Transneft headquarters

Owner: OAO Transneft ,Russia
Location: Dalnerechensk, Rusia
Description: 4.000 m2 total building area

Residental building in Belgrade

Owner: “Magdon”doo Niš
Location: Stojana Protića street, Belgrade
Description: 1.200 m2 total building area

Residental building in NiŠ

Owner: “Agrogradnja kompany” doo Niš
Location: Primorska street, Niš
Description: 1.200 m2 total building area